Finding one’s place.

Time ran out; left us wondering, what did we not find out, why did we not ask more questions, before a generation slipped away, and we are left missing bits of our history, bits of our soul, and now we will have piece all the stories in tight verses, that will create our future.


looking up into the pale blue skies, I see great formations of migrant birds returning for the summer, in huge V formations, coming down towards the mountains and the wetlands; Sacred Ibis, Flamingo’s, herons all searching in continuous waves; an expedition of magnitude and creation, here they are free and safe as they circle in…

Path To Freedom

Originally posted on Violet's Vegan Comics:
This is inspiring and uplifting – give it 15 minutes and enjoy your day 😀 ********************* home grown, self sufficient, eco-friendly, organic food, garden, gardening, fruit and vegetable growing, vegan, vegetarian, freedom