The Rock family

Steven Stills once said that we were a small family of friends, who played together in a whole lot of different bands, when interviewed by the BBC about his work with Jimmy Hendrix, with whom he was about to make a record with, playing the bass guitar.

In this series of blogs I would like to bring together biographies of some of the individuals who made up this family, concentrating on some of the very important, but lesser known individuals and bands. Next time I would like to start with the little known, but very influential guitarist, Hammond organ player, singer song writer, and band leader Al Kuper, who not only started a whole new style and rif of organ playing but had a major hand in starting such bands as Blood Sweat and Tears, The Blues Project, Electric Flag, played on Bob Dylan’s first electric record, and performance at the Newport folk festival, Jimmy Hendrix and Steve Stills. More about this mast musician soon.

9 thoughts on “The Rock family

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    • Thanks, am girding myself to get it started, but oh how the time does fly. Never worry it will get done, hopefully soon. Thanks for following and liking my blog and writing. I am following your blog as well, and really like what I saw. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. If you were born in 1958, you are younger than me, but I am with you on BST, and I also like Earth Wind and Fire, CSNY, The Byrds, Zappa, and a whole lot more. I have a music category on my blog, songs both ancient, and modern too.
    Thanks for the follow, and good luck with your blog, which offers something for everyone.
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

    • Norfolk, have been up in Norfolk quiet often, with my father while was still alive ( he lived in St. Albans, and we used to drive up for the day. I love all sorts of music, and played in bands for a while, but the noise hurt my ears, so now follow modern classical, and pre 80″s rock music. Hope you will find some interesting music blogs, have done one on Al Kooper, which you might enjoy. Best wishes and blessings from Cape Town.

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