Hovering over the mounting swells,

near the dark wet rocks,

where the river meets the sea;

the waters moving back and forth

crashing over the rocks,

sucking and dredging,

then the pied kingfisher dives

at great speed into the foaming waters

and pops back up,

flying upwards a few moments later,

then hovering; hovering,

searching the roiling seas,

then again he dives jetting into the water,

coming up yet again with no success,

so on it goes in natures cycle,

eventually a morsel will be caught,

patience abides, as it hovers again,

searching the depth for the future,

knowing it must eat.


3 thoughts on “Hovering

    • I sometimes draw and paint, and it is still one of my ambitions to paint something like this,using feelings rather than direct representations, and maybe building a poem into it. Maybe you could try that with all the color and the swirls. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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