Dry cold

The wind is whistling,

the windows moan

cold air spreads

through the house

and I remember

walking in Tokai forest

this afternoon,

how still it was,

with hardly a twitter from a bird

a rustle of wind,

only the swallows flew loop-di-loop

over the feinbos ,

some butterflies frolicked

on the edge of the wetland,

which like all else here is fast drying up,

a field mouse scurried

out of my view,

and I was walking

in shorts and a t shirt.

now I am still dressed the same,

but am reaching for my track suit,

as I am icy cold,

I shiver and think

of dry cold that surrounds us

here in our little paradise.


2 thoughts on “Dry cold

    • Thanks, I took quiet a while to get going, but it flowed out well as I wrote, I like using imagery like this, almost as if I were painting the scene. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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