A walk in Tokai, Table Mountain National Park.

Walking through Tokai park

mud appeared for the first time this year,

the wetland had not formed,

it was warm, with the sun shining,

ominous clouds gathered all around

the bush was dry and the sand soft beach sand,

not wet and binding as it should be:

I saw the first swallows flitting

energetically through the air,

before my eye caught the first

butterfly of the season floating by

over the tinder dry vegetation,

much of which should be flowering,

but the butterflies pickings were poor

due to the lack of good rains.


8 thoughts on “A walk in Tokai, Table Mountain National Park.

    • I love walking in nature, and as I live on the borders of the Table Mountain National Park, I go walking in the wild often, and you will find quite a few other poems of this nature. I love looking for flowers, animals and birds etc. to write about. I Have in the past designed gardens, so love the plants as well. Thanks for the comment, and maybe get out there and walk in the wilderness. Charles. 🙂

    • Yes, our dams are nearly dry. This is a annual wetland, and by now, much of it is underwater, but at least there is now some mud to be seen, and the rain is returning tomorrow evening, so am pleased. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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